The Skinny on Wedding Planning

You would think a day that we dream of since the age of 10 would be pretty much planned out with no major devising needed. It’s unfortunate to say you can think again. Getting engaged and beginning the process of planning your wedding can be one of the most exciting and moreover anxiety filled moments of your life. It can be even more exciting with a professional Wedding Photographer Mexico! You not only want everything to be perfect, but you want the perfection to look effortless; therein lies the true task! No worries, we’ve got you covered. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the skinny on wedding planning.


Common Bridal Uh-oh

There are a few mistakes most brides make when in the process of planning their wedding. While they’re all fixable and not detrimental to the wedding itself being aware of them helps you to avoid them and makes wedding planning easier and much more enjoyable. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 5 of the most common mistakes brides make when organizing their weddings.

Not Putting Yourself First

There are so many ways to get socially connected and, therefore, socially influenced nowadays. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and a favorite of most brides-to-be Pinterest. Being socially aware is definitely necessary and suggested, but you want be sure you know what you want before doing your research on how other people executed theirs. It’s not uncommon for women to lean toward an idea they admire. It’s okay to incorporate bits of inspiration you find here and there, nevertheless the day you’ve been anticipating your whole life should be yours entirely. This is number one simply because the biggest mistake brides make is planning, preparing for, and living out someone else’s dream day. Without any influences whether social media, family,and/or friends you want to take a moment alone and make simple but vital decisions on things like if you’re interested in a black tie affair or something more casual. List your priorities and the things that will make your day special.

Purchases & Spending

Buying Your Gown Before the Venue

Let’s first get this out of the way. Can you wear whatever you want? Yes of course you can. As the bride, you are entitled to walk down that aisle in your favorite sundress and cowboy boots. It’s actually your prerogative. You would still want to make sure that the venuecute-bride-english was chosen and booked before cementing your dress decision. Say, you purchase the perfect sundress and boots and after which time you arrange appointments to establish your venue. The first “outdoorsy” venue doesn’t work, nor does the second, but the third is perfect and it happens to be a plaza with floor to ceiling mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and floors swirled with marble. Now you’re second guessing everything from your hay and wildflower bouquet to your casual dress and boots ensemble. Choose your venue first! Just make sure you hire the best wedding videography service. Professional videographers will be sure to capture all of the beauty on your special day.

Not Using a Wedding Planner….at all!

There’s much to be said about the DIY bride; all of which are positives. She’s crafty, creative, and resourceful. Everything a good wedding planner is. It’s not a question of whether you could handle the job it’s more about ridding yourself of the load on a day that should be filled with family, love, and good memories…not stress, frustration, and anxiety. Sure, it’s fine to do most of the work on your own if you’re up for it, but do yourself a favor and hire a “week of” or even “day of” planner. Allow someone else to take the task of handling the last minute vendor issues and decoration mishaps. That’s not what you want to be doing the week before you get married and most definitely not on your wedding day. If you’re worried about cost do a little digging and find a planner who has hourly services.